Design - silent ambassador of your brand

by Julita Pataleta
by Julita Pataleta

We usually perceive “good design” as "nice to look at the design,” but this is just part of the truth.

Time is everything. People need a mere 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about what they see on the Internet [1,2]. In design, like in comedy, time plays a crucial role. The amount of time it takes to evaluate the visual aspect of the presented content can make or break that content. So focus on building a design-led company, play it smart, play it simple, make a strong first impression and see the numbers grow. 

More than “just visuals” 

It seems all there is to know about graphics and design has already been said on the Internet. Yet, we still find the same oversights, mistakes and shortcomings in designing a distinctive “I” for a specific brand. Paul Rand said that “design is the silent ambassador of a brand,” and, if we are to listen to anybody, we should consider his opinion as one of the most valuable ones. After all, he has been considered the most talented logo designer ever to have lived. Design is an integral part of brand creation. Without a consistent design, even the best content has no long-term value nor will it yield any returns on the investment. Good visuals are directly tied to the brand’s success and to the audience's trust in that brand. We are here to demonstrate that great design makes a real difference.

The impact of design on your company

There is no doubt that visual content plays a crucial role in creating brand identity. In the age of visual information, where 65 % of respondents claim to be visual learners [3], the lack of proper presentation of content is simply an opportunity not capitalized on. While creating your brand, think carefully about how you want to present it. In the process, do not underestimate the power of design. Remember: Good Design is Good Business. In one of their polls, Tyton Media found that for 48 % of surveyed people business’ website design was the number one factor in determining the credibility of that business [4]. 

Design-led companies are the ones with the greatest potential on world markets. According to a study commissioned by Adobe, design-led companies reported 41 % higher market share, 46 % competitive advantage overall, and 50 % more loyal customers [5]. 

Considering those numbers, let us show you how to build a design-led company. 

visual learners

A brand that makes a strong first impression

Simple but not boring, sharp but not flashy - what should your brand's design be like? Several principles govern design: proportion, perspective, emphasis, balance, movement, pattern, repetition, rhythm, variety, harmony. A new brand is usually built with a specific vision in mind. Although its representation may have many faces, one feature should never be overlooked - unity. You do not always have to spend a fortune on a sophisticated logo and complicated visual effects. Simplicity, clean lines, and a well-matched color scheme for the brand are enough to create something extraordinary – a lasting impression. 

first impression

Stand out!

Marketing is one big competition. Among thousands of companies that exist on the market, you have to make sure that yours is THE ONE that is unique and unforgettable. Pay attention to details and you will STAND OUT. Every brand faces heavy competition. One way to get ahead of it is to use human attractiveness bias - most of your customers perceive beautiful things as better. Content receivers prefer splendid content, regardless of its actual merit value. Catch the recipient's eye by creating a modern and phenomenal design that is unlike any other, and you will notice the difference in your audiences’ response. 

Easy to use and nice to look at 

We usually perceive “good design” as "nice to look at the design,” but this is just part of the truth. The second most important feature of effective design is the usability of the tools and websites created. Come on! We all know it can’t only be about looks.

there is more than meets the eye

Navigating a well-organized website must feel intuitive and instinctive in the world in which attention span declines quickly [6]. Simple design is usually easy to navigate and ensures that your recipient will not be discouraged by using your tools and will likely come back for more. Website workflow will transfer to the user's experience and be key to your recipient's heart. Do not overload people with information – no one likes to drink from a hydrant. Instead, through simple and beautiful design, give them the bare minimum that still expresses your brand.

nice to look at


Design is not limited to visual work. It is essentially a problem-solving, and the result of this solution is some sort of visual proposition. Regardless of whether the problem we are solving is the lack of understanding of the company's profile among customers (rebranding needed) or too low sales of products (e-commerce website redesign), we can solve these problems using visual language.

Build trust - make money 

A thoughtful design should promote brand consistency. If you want to put your business out of business, try to be inconsistent. To make money consistently, you must be remembered. We all know what sign NIKE comes with and imagine yellow and red when thinking of Mc Donald's. You should strive to evoke the same feeling while constructing your brand. Consistency ties your brand with a specific key vision, which links your customer with particular emotions. For the sake of your brand’s success, make sure these emotions are the good ones :). People do not trust chaotic and messy companies. Hence, trust is the door through which “money decisions” repeatedly walkthrough, so emphasize a constant design to connect with your clients' emotions. Such an approach will help you build relationships, make strong impressions, and finally gain customers' trust, which is what will make your business more profitable.


Design - your all in one 

A brand ambassador is a person who a company employs to represent a brand in a positive light and, by doing so, helps to increase brand awareness and sales [7]. By focusing on the appropriate design of your company, you can make that design your brand’s best ambassador. 

brand's best ambassador
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