Medical Calculators

Fully customizable Medical Calculators, ready to embed on your website. Over 15 000 doctors are already using these tools in their day-to-day activities. Add them on your website, grow your audience and earn loyal users.

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What are medical calculators?

Medical calculators are an indispensable, handy and everyday solution for healthcare professionals. Imagine one tool which provides an answer to various medical problems.

All HCPs has to do is enter patient data, the calculator will do the rest - it makes healtcare proffessionals work more effective and efficient. One tool, many formulas, all based on EBM and the newest guidelines - that is the definition of medical calculators created by the Brandmed team.

For whom is this product?

Doctors, paramedics, nurses, medical students.

for whom

Technology used

Our medical calculators are mostly based on Dart, a client-optimized language for fast apps on any platform.

What are the benefits of using our calculator systems:


We support both web and mobile applications. You don’t have to create two separate calculators. Develop it once and use it on any platform you want.


The operation of the calculator is separated from the presentation layer. If you would like to make visual changes, we can quickly introduce them to all the calculators you use.


While most of the required functionalities are available out-of-the-box, our system allows you to easily implement new calculator elements according to your needs.


Thanks to the standardized way of describing calculators, it is easy to create tools that will help you meet your quality expectations.

Types of calculators?

Over 130 different, fully customizable medical calculators are ready to embed on your website. Check the full list of available calculators here and contact sales for more information.

If you feel like you need a test run first, you can use one (or three) of the selected ones below.


    SCORE2 and SCORE2-OP

    The SCORE2 algorithm provides an estimate of the 10-year risk of cardiovascular incidents. The SCORE2-OP algorithm is its variant calibrated for patients older than 70 years.


    ABSI - A Body Shape Index

    The ABSI medical calculator is used to estimate the risk of premature mortality based on anthropometric measurements. The tool is used in every field of medicine.


    CKD-EPI for GFR

    The GFR medical calculator is used to estimate glomerular filtration rate according to the CKD-EPI 2021 formula.The tool is used in the fields of internal medicine.


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List of calculators


  1. 6-minute walk test
  2. Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)
  3. AVA - aortic valve opening area
  4. Cardiac Index
  5. Cardiac output calculator (per minute capacity)
  6. The CHA2DS2 – VASc scale
  8. CVD
  9. DAPT
  10. Oxygen consumption calculator
  11. dP / dt - the rate of pressure increase in the left ventricle
  12. DUKE scale
  13. Epoprostenol - Dose Calculation
  14. EuroSCORE
  15. FRAMINGHAM risk scale
  16. GRACE calculator
  17. HAS-BLED - bleeding risk assessment
  18. Heart Failure Life Expectancy Calculator
  19. Hepatic venous pressure gradient measurement
  20. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy - sudden cardiac death risk assessment
  21. LVM - left ventricular mass and mass index
  22. MVA - mitral valve opening area
  23. PERC indicator
  24. PESI scale
  25. Qp/Qs Calculator
  26. Cardiac Output (Fick’s Formula)
  27. QTc - Corrected QT Interval (Bazett's formula)
  28. RCRI indicator
  29. Modified Geneva scale
  30. SCORE2 and SCORE2-OP indicator
  31. Heart stroke volume calculator
  32. Stroke volume and right and left ventricular projection
  33. Systemic vascular resistance (SVR) calculator
  34. TIMI score for STEMI
  35. TIMI score for UA / NSTEMI
  36. Wells score calculator for pulmonary embolism
  37. Wells score calculator for deep vein thrombosis


  1. FINDRISC scale
  2. HOMA-IR indicators
  3. Blood glucose unit converter
  4. Insulin Dosage Calculator
  5. Estimated Average Glucose Calculator
  6. QUICKI indicator
  7. BSA indicator
  8. Corrected sodium calculator

Internal diseases

  1. Barthel scale
  2. Oakland scale


  1. Glasgow scale

Intensive care

  1. Anion gap
  2. MDRD - glomerular filtration (simplified formula)
  3. Apache II
  4. SOFA scale
  5. LIS - Lung Damage Scale
  6. MEWS - Modified Early Warning Score
  7. MAP - mean arterial pressure
  8. Oxygenation index
  9. NMC - ideal body weight and tidal volume

Emergency medicine

  1. Acceptable blood loss calculator


  1. BASDAI (Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Index)
  2. Scale DAS28 OB and DAS28 CRP
  3. SDAI indicator
  4. ASDAS (Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Score)


  1. Amoxicillin dose calculator
  2. Paracetamol dose calculator
  3. Pediatric Blood Transfusion Volume Formula
  4. Child blood volume calculator
  5. APGAR score
  6. Fluid demand calculator
  7. Glasgow - Pediatric coma scale
  8. IHL - Predicting the Final Child's Height

Dosage of drugs

  1. Alteplase dose
  2. Pediatric ibuprofen dose


  1. Bishop scale
  2. Estradiol and progesterone units converter
  3. Pg / E2 ratio


  1. Absolute eosinophil count calculator
  2. Absolute Lymphocyte Count Calculator
  3. Absolute neutrophil count calculator
  4. Absolute reticulocyte count calculator
  5. Calculator of corrected number of reticulocytes
  6. Blood volume calculator
  7. Age-adjusted value of D-dimers
  8. IPI + R-IPI index (DLBCL - Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma)
  9. INR factor
  10. MIPI - Mantle Cell Lymphoma International Prognostic Index
  11. Plasma volume
  12. Transferrin saturation
  13. Hematocrit/hemoglobin ratio


  1. Child-Pugh score - classification of liver failure
  2. Unit converter - cholesterol and triglycerides
  3. FIB-4 calculator
  4. LILLE scale
  5. MELD score
  6. The de Ritis Ratio (The AST/ALT Ratio calculator)
  7. SAAG calculator
  8. VLDL
  9. APRI

Anthropometric calculators

  1. ABSI
  2. BMI
  3. BMR
  4. Ideal body weight calculator
  5. Basal metabolic rate PPM
  6. Waist to hip ratio - WHR
  7. Total body water calculator

Nephrology / Urology

  1. ACR (Urine Albumin / Creatinine)
  2. Urine output calculator
  3. Adrenal washout calculator
  4. BUN-to-creatinine ratio
  5. Cockcroft-Gault formula (eGFR)
  6. Daugirdas Kt / V ratio
  7. EORTC - assessment of the risk of recurrence and progression of bladder cancer
  8. FENa (fractional sodium excretion)
  9. FEUrea (fractional urea excretion)
  10. EGFR
  11. KFRE - risk assessment of CKD progression
  12. TTKG (transurethral potassium gradient)
  13. UPRC (Ratio of protein to creatinine)
  14. URR


  1. BODE
  2. CURB-65
  3. Endotracheal tube size calculator
  4. Light's criteria
  5. Lung nodule growth calculator
  6. PSI calculator
  7. PaO2 / FiO2 ratio
  8. RSBI
  9. Alveolar-arterial gradient calculator
  10. Determination of the values of the transpulmonary gradient (TPG) and the pulmonary diastolic gradient (DPG)
  11. Vital capacity calculator
  12. Determination of pulmonary vascular resistance (PVR) and total resistance (TPR)

RKZ and electrolytes

  1. Corrected calcium calculator for hypoalbuminemia
  2. Corrected magnesium calculator for hypoalbuminemia
  3. Sodium change calculator in hypertriglyceridemia
  4. Urine anion gap
  5. Free water deficit calculator
  6. Parkland formula
  7. Plasma osmolality calculator
  8. Sodium deficit indicator
  9. Winters formula for metabolic acidosis compensation


  1. Alcohol units calculator
  2. AUDIT - Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test
  3. CAGE questionnaire
  4. SCIWA-Ar scale
  5. Fagerström test


  1. GUPTA score
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