3 reasons why most Pharma Companies Struggle to Produce EBM Content

by Malwina Piękoś
by Malwina Piękoś

The concept of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) is fundamental for every pharmaceutical company.

The concept of Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) is fundamental for every pharmaceutical company. With healthcare professionals (HCPs) being the target group of such content, pharmaceutical companies can’t afford even the slightest mistake when creating this information. However, producing high-quality and engaging evidence-based medical materials is a daily challenge for most businesses. Why? Let’s analyze it together.

Reason #1: Medical specialists are not trained medical copywriters

Pharmaceutical companies want and need their content to be developed by top specialists. In an ideal world, each marketing piece would be created by an expert, backed by EBM, submitted on time and literally sound. However, it is challenging to find someone who excels at medical and technical copywriting and actively works in the clinical field. 


An excellent medical expert is rarely a good medical content writer. For this reason, cooperating with professional medical digital agencies, such as Brandmed, is something you must consider. How to choose an agency that will meet your needs while keeping the content high-quality? First of all, discover if a particular collaborator realizes projects:

  • exclusively for healthcare, 
  • how long it has been on the market,
  • or what are clients’ reviews about its work (e.g. on Clutch).

Along with its area of expertise, it is vital to consider the essential staff skills. High-quality medical content creation requires a team of professional medical copywriters who have expertise in the field. As the healthcare sector complies with specific regulations, the agency must know how to meet strict industry standards, including legal formalities connected to Evidence-Based Medicine copywriting.

This way, you can rest assured that the content produced for your company will be of the highest quality. Our Brandmed team of trained medical specialists, experienced in developing complex EBM content, would be happy to unburden your staff.

Reason #2: More EBM content = higher demand for resources

The growth of every pharmaceutical company is associated with increasing demands for promotion- and information-based content. One or two medical specialists might not be enough to satisfy the needs sooner or later, especially if they work for you as freelancers. If you don’t tailor the resources to the company's scale, you might end up with content insufficient in amount, quality, or both.


Instead of cooperating with individual freelancers, invest in the whole team! It will pay off sooner than you think. Not only will you get more EBM content, but you won’t have to worry about its quality or management. A dedicated project manager will take care of the communication and coordination, while a team of professional medical copywriters will regularly provide the necessary materials. Our graphic designers will support the written content with unique visuals, promoting and complying with the company’s image. Think about it: if you decide to work with an average agency, the final content might lack medical expertise. 

On the other hand, freelance physicians offering copy preparation can’t provide you with a fine design. Brandmed team is a perfect combination of experienced medical copywriters and talented graphic designers. All-in-one stop saves you time and money!

Reason #3: The importance of reference 

Content distributed by pharmaceutical companies has to meet specific requirements; especially, when developing a reference base. It has to be evidence-based and in line with internal guidelines and regulations. Neglect in this area results in numerous mistakes and unnecessarily prolongs the process of medical department approval.


The strength of the Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) approach lies in transforming your materials into reliable and up-to-date content that aligns with advancements in medicine and technology. The main focus of EBM is to ensure that your statements are grounded in scientifically proven knowledge, specifically therapeutic protocols derived from peer-reviewed studies and guidelines established by international societies.

Essentially, by adopting the EBM approach, individual expertise is set aside in favor of utilizing the best available external clinical evidence obtained through systematic research. Consequently, your materials are supported by data collected by experts worldwide, increasing their likelihood of being applicable, reliable, and trustworthy when generalized to the population.

The process of EBM
The process of EBM content creation

 To create high-quality EBM content, it is worth assigning the task to people experienced in medical copywriting. Our team has developed high standards for building a reference base, cross-checking, and revising all materials prepared for pharmaceutical companies. 

Rely on professionals

Producing high-quality Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) content poses significant challenges for most pharmaceutical companies. Medical specialists often lack training in medical copywriting, making it difficult to find individuals who excel in both medical expertise and content creation. Moreover, the increasing demand for high-quality EBM content requires adequate resources, and relying on a few freelancers may result in insufficient quantity or compromised quality.

If you struggle with EBM content but want to strive for the highest quality, you should invest in a team of experienced medical copywriters with a clinical background. Delegating this process to an external team does not mean you lose control; it means you care about your company’s image and want the best tools to create and maintain it. Our team will develop, validate and manage your content professionally. Want a full package? Contact us!

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