Course: Medicine

Brandmed developed an e-learning platform for potential medical students representing Generation Z. The idea behind these courses was to facilitate the recruitment process as well as provide a well-rounded guide for the first crucial years of medical studies. This task included building a consistent brand visual identity, medical content creation, and full-scope digital marketing strategy.

Web development
Digital marketing
Product design
Art direction

The main challenge was to develop an e-learning platform, which, due to the alternating business model of the project, could easily undergo future modifications. Course: Medicine is a project dedicated to candidates for medical universities all over Poland. With the constantly pivoting digital trends among Generation Z, the possibility of transforming the platform’s objectives in the future was crucial for the long-driving product’s success. Consequently, the plurality of potential growth directions of the project required extensive research towards technological solutions.

After the investigation of many tech stack options, we designed an adaptable e-commerce solution that, on the one hand, serves as a full-fledged e-commerce portal and, on the other - is narrowed down to a necessary amount of code. The successful implementation was the essential part of the project, accompanied by other crucial steps - content writing, brand identity creation, digital marketing, and social media strategy.


About Course: Medicine


Project’s requirements

  • To develop an  e-learning platform that is adaptable to the forthcoming modifications and based on the progressive tech stack.
  • To build a brand visual identity that reinforces the core values of the project and resonates with the target audience - Gen Z.
  • To develop a comprehensive content strategy that aligns with SEO optimization.
  • To implement an e-commerce service based on a subscription business model.
  • To expand social media channels that are key for the young generation of future medical students.
  • To devise a digital marketing and social media strategy tailored to the needs and pain points of the target audience.

Main goal:

Main goal

Scope of work

Scope of work



Main challenges


Our solutions

UX and clarity are essential for e-commerce platforms, as, in the end, the user journey should end up with a customer making an order. For this reason, we applied healthy code and the tech stack most optimal to our client's needs. However, the high efficiency of the website was not enough for such an educational-center project. All the technological solutions prepared for our client were accompanied by an omnichannel digital marketing strategy based on the top social media platforms among Generation Z (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok).

Given the broad concept of the project, a holistic approach was necessary for fulfilling the target audience's needs and, eventually, success. Knowing that the products have to be of the highest quality, we began our work with extensive research, including the needs of the target audience, the competitive environment, and, most importantly, finding reliable and up-to-date information, which can be updated when needed.

Front-end development

Technology: React JS, Typescript, Next.js.

The ultimate goal of any healthcare business and its digital presence is to increase conversion, thus meeting your sales objectives. The solution lies in ensuring an ideal user experience.

For this reason, we opted for the technology that provides maximum efficiency, fast operating speed, and high adaptability to future business modifications. The technology of our choice was Next.js, which is considered one of the fastest-growing React frameworks.

Acknowledging that the specifics of the Course: Medicine require frequent content updates, Next.js turned out to be the best choice for developing our platform. Being considered one of the fastest-growing React frameworks, Next.js is a relatively new solution but adequately stable and progressive for digital medical products.

Next.js has become one of the most famous frameworks to build SEO-efficient websites. Taking into account that one of the e-commerce-based project’s goals was to achieve a high conversion rate in a short time, the tech stack of our choice was the perfect solution for such an objective. Next.js quickly solved the challenge of SEO optimization, enhancing the digital marketing strategy and ensuring the high efficiency of the platform.


Back-end development

Technology: PHP, Symfony 6, AWS

Taking into account the possible change of the platform’s business model, we conducted extensive research towards the most optimal technological solution that will be adaptable to future transformations and possible alterations. However, the majority of existing e-commerce solutions do not meet our requirements. As a result, we decided to develop an elastic e-commerce service that serves as a full-fledged e-commerce portal while being narrowed down to the necessary amount of code, thus to the operations crucial for the client. Leveraging the Symfony framework for PHP development, we achieved high efficiency and functionality with an easy way to innovate.

Visual identity & design

Course: Medicine has a variety of content in its assortment. Therefore, we had to find a visual language consistent with the plurality of addressed medical-oriented subjects. For this reason, we opted for creating a set of modern geometric shapes that constitute a solid foundation for the final illustrations. As each course has different chapters and sections, this solution significantly enhanced the process of design creation, improving the coherency of the entire visual identity.

In the case of the color scheme, we relied on an unconventional blend of violet and green that seems more approachable and relaxed for the younger generation in comparison to the traditional dark blue medical color palette. Consequently, the visual identity of Course: Medicine appears more lifestyle-centered and engaging to future medical students.


Medical content creation

A significant part of our project was to plan and deliver a comprehensive content creation strategy. Considering that the project was dedicated to potential medical school candidates, we decided to categorize the educational materials into 3 core courses. Knowing that the products have to be of the highest quality, we began our content writing by the process of extensive research that represents Brandmed’s golden standard.

As a result, we prepared a set of more than 80 articles full of up-to-date information highly relevant to the target audience. In order to enhance our marketing goals, all the materials were adjusted to the SEO guidelines, reaching high authoritativeness, expertise, and trustworthiness of the content. All thanks to the evidence-based approach. 

To retain existing buyers close to the brand, our team continuously creates a comprehensive newsletter that is sent to users.

Digital marketing & social media strategy

In order to reach our client’s marketing objectives, we relied on an omnichannel digital marketing campaign involving the latest tools and promotional strategies.

It may be challenging to promote a digital product that is still in development. Taking up this demanding task, we began with the brand awareness campaign that included a set of webinars and the introduction of Course: Medicine’s social media channels.

Consequently, prior to the product launch, we have already gathered a target audience that would be interested in our digital solution. That allowed us to conduct intensified marketing activities consisting of influencer marketing and further expansion of the top social media channels

Perfectly understanding Generation Z’s needs, we decided to develop TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook accounts for Course: Medicine. As the visual language and content writing applied in social media materials were entirely consistent with the digital product, we achieved high relevance to the target audience, thus increasing sales and expanding brand awareness.

Project’s results:


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